I'm melting, I'm melting

Not to draw a parallel between me and the wicked witch of the west, but I'm melting because of the heat. In my previous post I said that I didn't like the Texas heat; after a week of temperatures of 100+, with heat index factored in, my contempt of the heat has been solidified over the past week. Oh for a respite of 90...blessed, blessed, 90! Ah, well complaining won't make it so, so enough already I will cowboy, or cowgirl, up and get on with life!


  1. What is worse: running the stands with a drill sergeant in 75 degrees, or relaxing in the shade of 95 degrees?

  2. i would say running the stands. i'm always afraid i'm going to spaz out and fall down the stairs. at least if i'm relaxing in the shade i minimize the spaztic-ness