We celebarted 27 years of marriage a few weeks ago I was reminded of this last night. Last night we had breakfast for dinner, pancakes. As I was plugging in the grill I realized that I've had the grill 27 years! Imagine, an appliance that has lasted this long! This thought led me to marval at how long my mom has had some dishes. There is an oval, cream colored platter with what looks like the infinity symbol around the edge that she has had since I was 6 or 7...that would make it 45 years old! My grill is just a pre-teen compared to her plate!

My mom's plate would be considered "retro" in style, some might even call it an does that make my grill a pre-antique? Hmmm. Am I close to being an antique? Maybe. Another thought. Why does society value antiques but shun growing old?

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  1. I guess you and I can grow old and be antiques together.