Scents & Sounds

Funny how our senses work, the memories that they can evoke. I think we are all familiar with catching a wiff of a scent and then remembering a person or event. Fresh made corn torillas will always remind me of home; as will Downey, orignal scent, fabric softener. If I smell Arims men's cologne ...I don't know if Estee Lauder still makes it...or McDonald's chicken nuggets I recall being pregnant. Sound can produce the same effect.

I was searching iTunes recently for a Brahms piano piece. I found it, along with Mozart's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3. After I clicking to preview Mozart, I was immediately transported back to the listening lab in the basement of the Harlod B. Lee Libray at BYU. All the angst of college, as well as the pleasant memories, came flooding back in a matter of seconds; I realized then just how long it's been since I was in college. Strange how time slips away unnoticed until something reminds us of how much life we have lived. I suppose that's why we need to relish every moment that takes place in our life, so that when we come across that smell or sound we can remember the first time we experinced it and all that is associated with it.

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  1. you updated!!! yay! not to make you feel old, but the listening library is now on the 5th floor