A Hurricane's wake

Hurricanes are known for the devestation they leave behind. Ike, the most recent to affect Texas, was no different. There is, however, good that can come out of tragedy. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were opportunities for members of our ward to help those affected begin to rebuild their lives. Ike was no different. Ike didn't require as much travel time, it was a lot closer to home. The work order was to Bridge City, Texas a town just south east of Beaumount. The assignment was to pull down and remove rotting drywall, clear all debris from the home and move it to the curb. I was told that the stench of rotting ocean water is akin to the smell a gas well gives off. I know what a gas well smells like and it's not good!

I can't even begin to imagine going into a storm ravaged home, seeing the devestation and wondering 'where do we begin'. These men know how to get a job done. In about 8 hours, approximately 80 men were able to completely gut and move the debris of 18 homes. I am in awe. I'm in awe of their dedication to serve complete strangers. I'm in awe of their willingness to volunteer long before the storm hit and before it was known what they would be doing. I'm in awe of their being ready to go again if asked to; many expressed this sentiment at church on Sunday, after only having returned home 12 hours earlier.

Ike also brought us the opportunity to serve the displaced here at home. Our church building served as an evacuee center to about 30 individuals. As soon as it was announced that we had evacuees at the church, women came out of the woodwork at lightening speed to provide meals, blankets, DVD's, games for the children and a listening ear for the moms and dads. My heart goes out to those who were so devestated by Ike and hope that these individulas felt the love we all have for them. The included pictures are of one crew and the house they cleaned.

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