Fall and all its colorful glory...well as colorful as it can get in Texas...has arrived! I do enjoy autumn; the colors, the cooler weather, the return to non-daylight savings time! As much as I like the color changes of the trees, I don't like the leaves that fall, yuck! I don't like the raking nor the 'messy' look of things when the leaves are not raked. And, with approximately 10 deciduous trees around the house, there are a lot of leaves to rake!

Fall also brings some happy memories of 'camping'; camping in quotes because it's what our family called roasting hot dogs and making S'mores over a campfire in the back yard. When our daughter was three she wanted to go camping, I, not being fond of biting insects and creepy snakes etc., did not wish to indulge her request. Not wanting to shatter her dream completely, we came up with the idea of doing some of the things related to camping (roasting hot dogs and making S'mores) and calling it 'camping'. At three years of age she didn't know any differently. Even after she was old enough to know that 'camping' was not really camping, we continued our charade and it became a favorite fall family activity. I miss not 'camping'...maybe I'll go start a campfire.

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